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305  15th St., Brooklyn    NY 11215

Zero2Three offers a unique combination of minimalist, mostly unisex trendy separates that mix and match and that millennial parents enjoy so much.

Where to order:

Children's club Booth # 2517, NYC - August 5-7 2018     
Caroline Nagle @ Yoka Showroom (N.Y.)  p: 212-594-7714 e:
Jerry Coff @ The Coff's Showroom (Dallas & Atlanta) p: 214-850-7079 e:
Joanne Torres @ Lolajo sales (West Coast) p: 213-623-0993 e:
Bob Dibona (New England)  p:508-746-0281 e: 
Thierry Goyer (Head Office) m: 646-373-6834 e:

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