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Reorders and Immediate Orders for Fall Winter 2010:
It is possible to place an immediate stock order or a reorder directly online using our Shopping Cart. Shipment will be done withing 48 hours after reception of your order. Click on the buttons on the left side of frame called Extra Stock to see all the pieces available. There are no set minimums for reorders or immediate delivery orders.
How to take advantage of Vouchers and Coupons for special promotions: The Coupons or Voucher we advertise or Email you must be entered at the beginning on your shopping cart, right underneath the  the items you selected and added.
What is the Shipping Cost for an online order?
The UPS ground charge amount appearing automatically on your order confirmation is only indicative. It will be adjusted according to the actual weight, insurance value and final UPS shipping terms, once our warehouse has prepared your order and given us the final freight.Remember that the Free gift boxes we provide do increase weight and freight of your shipment.
How do you pay for an Online orders? What are the terms?
Our website doesn't prompt you to enter a credit card number and pay online. It strictly forwards the order to us and sends you a copy of the confirmation.
We will then contact you either by Email or by phone and ask you for a method of payment: check, credit card, COD.If you are an existing customer placing a reorder, your credit terms will be the same as the credit terms of your initial order.
You can also contact us by phone (212-947-5611) or contact your nearest representative for an appointment: click on rep list.

Online orders work great for stores who know the collection already. If it is your first time ordering, we do recommend to see the line with a rep or at a show  or trying a few pieces of immediate stock to get a better feel and check out the sizing.

Minimums for  Next season  collection (as opposed to reorders of current merchandise in stock)
Because we sell wholesale at this point, the minimum order is $500.00 for a total order and also there is 4 piece minimum per Reference and per color.
This minimum gives you the required amount of styles and pieces to properly display, merchandise, promote the collections.
Wholesale prices quoted are FOB New Jersey, there is a UPS Delivery charge which would be added to the total of the order when shipping occurs
Credit Terms: We do ask for payment on delivery most of the time. You have the option to respond to a credit reference letter request to help us better determine the most appropriate credit terms for your store. We do accept all major Credit cards which is our preferred payment method. COD is also an option but it is more costly because of added COD Charges by UPS. Please note that new stores (opened less than 12 months) are required to give us a deposit of 25% upon processing of the order.
Orders placed are firm and non changeable. However if you must cancel or make a change for reasons that are beyond your control, we will accommodate your request as long as we receive the request in writing (Email, fax, mail) less than 3 weeks after the order was placed and also before the end of the selling season (see dates above).
Please understand that once we confirm your order, the merchandise is shipped to us and we cannot change anything. This is the reason we cannot be flexible when it comes to cancellations.
Until when can you place an order for Spring Summer 2011?
From August 15 till Oct 30 2010.
It is not possible for us to service orders placed past those dates, because the quantities manufactured and brought in this country are basically based on the sales during those time period.
If any of these rules and guidelines is not workable for you but you are interested in trying out our brand, please contact me directly and explain your situation. We are here to listen and to help.
Thanks for your trust and support.
Thierry Goyer
President of Eurokids Inc
305 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
tel: 212-947-5611 extension 3
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