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Establish an online retail shopping experience with a state-of-the-art e-commerce website or make improvements to your existing e-commerce website for the Kids clothing retailers to generate a source of income through direct online sales AND increased awareness tranlating into brick and mortar foot traffic PLUS modern customer service to their existing customers.


We have teamed up with an award winning website design and development company that specializes in online marketing. We have combined Eurokids' industry know-how and experience in retail sales of children's high-end clothing and fashion with successful search engine marketing strategy.


The leading Search Engine Optimization experts will tell you: If your website is not a professionally designed, attractive, user-friendly destination, your investment in SEO will not realize a return. You mjust maximize the Online Window Display, Online Merchandising and Online Customer Service to see results. If you do not value your website now, it's probably because it has not been properly built and optimized.

Improving the look and feel of the website so that it keeps the visitors from bouncing off and makes them take an positive proactive action which will eventually lead to purchase. Call it the "MAKE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE ATTRACTIVE AND APPEALING to match the quality of your merchandise and your brick and mortar store.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT Location. Location. Location. We are focuesed on improving and maximizing your opportunities in the most popular search engines to gain positions in search results to increase web traffic and ulitmately convert visitors to customers. This is accomplished by implementing proven strategies for organic search engine optimization (SEO) without the added cost pay-per-click Google AdWords and other online ad campaigns.


Eurokids and GO2 Media Design, Inc., has teamed up to achieve this goal. We are dedicated to increasing the opportunites for your website to make sales and generate revenue.

- Eurokids mission in this venture: with 20 years experience servicing the Children's clothing retail community nationwide, Thierry Goyer, understands the language, the needs and the concerns of the retail shop owners and will make the bridge between the "techies" world of Internet and the "mom and pop" store owner who is not always internet knowledgeable and computer savvy. Too many shop owners feel helpless, they know the urgent need to be present on the Internet in a smart and economically viable way and at the same time are confused and overwhelmed when faced with the immense volume of options and offers available from often untested and unreliable sources at prices that vary in totally erratic fashion from totally free to super expensive.

GO2 Media Design, Inc., founder and president, Timothy Wood has 25 years professional experience with retail in graphic design, brand design, packaging design, website design, website develpment, and online marketing strategies. His firm has won numerous awards for their work while increasing their client roster year after year since its beginning in 2001. His personal experience includes work with numerous start-ups, small to medium size businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and leading Universities around the country.

GO2 Media Design's reputation is built upon a foundation of satisfied customers, business owners like yourself, and a level of customer service and trust that has made them one of the leading online Marketing and Design companies in Westchester County.

There are thousands of companies that offer these services with countless claims of incredible results. We agree that the proof is within the results and would be happy to supply you with a list of references upon request.


Our philosophy is that internet marketing and website improvement costs are investments that must pay for themselves! Our commitment is to charge a very affordable fee during an initial phase for a "standard set of website improvements", then show the progression of traffic and new business generated via monthly reports during the 6 month duration of the initial contract.

The store owner can then decide based on concrete results if he/she is ready and willing to invest more in their website to get more traffic and more sales (direct online or indirect in your store) and a higher return on investment.


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