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* Our mission is to be a link rather than a Ecommerce Online Store
* We are not making any direct profit from an online transaction and only benefit indirectly by increasing the sales of our brands among our network of retailers.
* We will never sell or ship anything directly to the online customer, because we don't keep any stock of any lines we display and also because we do not want to undercut or compete with our retailers.
* We will always transmit the online orders to the retailer which is located the closest to the online shopper's physical address.
* In case there are 2 or more participating retailers in the same town or proximity, we will give preference to the retailer who:
has the largest quantity of stock in the reference and the brand ordered,
has the most ratings of positive experience by online customers on our website,
has displayed enthusiasm and motivation to give an outstanding service and representation of the brand.

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